Decontamination and Restoration of dismissed sites

Redevelopment and functional recovery of abandoned industrial areas and polluted sites

Thanks to the constant commitment to technical innovation continuously enriching the thirty years’ experience, Niagara is a leader company in the industry of requalification and functional restoration of dismissed industrial areas and polluted areas.
Niagara carries out ex situ and in situ operations. It completes the demolition of plants and the restoration of dismissed tanks. In Emilia Romagna and Veneto regions it has activated an environmental emergency service in order to undertake immediate prevention measures in case of accidental and not accidental events that can contaminate or compromise soil, subsoil, waterways and underground waters.
Niagara is able to provide on behalf of the customer for the management of all operative and administrative procedures that are requested for the emergency safety action, the characterization plan, the risk analysis procedure and the environment reclamation.