Why choose Niagara
as your Environmental Partner

Niagara is processing kg of waste

As a reliable evidence of its managerial transparency and in defence of the local community life quality, Niagara carries out every operation in compliance with the Quality Procedures UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001, thus guaranteeing a perfect working of its disposal plant.

Thanks to its long and consolidated experience, Niagara can offer to its customers a wide rage of consulting services to solve any environmental problem, among which the design and the construction of specific purification plants.

The technologies followed by the Company in the waste disposal process are among the most advanced of the field, as recently confirmed by the relative BAT (Best Available Technologies) definition studies. Therefore, thanks to its technological and analytical heritage, Niagara is one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners in the industrial waste disposal field.

The method chosen by the Company to run all the operations – from the solid and liquid waste disposal to the design of specific plants – complies with UNI EN 9001:2000 and is constantly updated on the basis of statistical studies and evaluation drawn up together with the customers. Particularly, at the disposal centre of Poggio Renatico, every operative procedure is managed totally in writing in order to guarantee that the plant is run as much safely as possible.